Did you just hack my computer and/or cell phone?

No. This was a harmless prank. All your files are normal and, aside from a few new songs in your YouTube viewing history, no harm has been done to your device and no online accounts owned by you have been compromised. This is a static website - all code on this website runs on your device and never leaves it.

Sorry if we freaked you out too much.

Why did you make this?

The domain was cheap, and my friend came up with this stupid vision in his head of a website that looked like this with this URL, and I was like "shit, for 12 bucks a year I'll do it."

Who are you?

I'm Daniel! I'm on Mastodon.social if you want to get ahold of me, or I'm on Matrix at @orangestar:matrix.org. You can also shoot me an email at orangestar@cats4gold.net.

If open methods of communication aren't your thing, I'm slightly less available on Twitter, and my Discord is Orangestar#1432 - You can usually catch me running the r/Undertale Discord server.

That juice is bangin', yo! Where can I see your tunes?

It's paint, asshole. I have a playlist right here on YouTube. If you're signed into YouTube already, then the last song you heard on this site will be the most recent song in your YouTube viewing history.

Yo man, you're using my music, and I don't appreciate that, dawg!

My apologies! Didn't mean any harm. Get ahold of me at one of the contact locations above and I'll remove your song from our list.

Who's hosting this stuff?

Github is. Repo here. Pull requests welcome.